The focus of our company is to provide value at every step of the way that enables our customers to benefit from higher quality products and components with better margins through the application of leading edge -design for manufacturing, design for assembly, tooling engineering and materials expertise.

Our many years of expertise in hard/soft multi-color, multi-material molding, in-mold decorating, insert molding, collapsible cores, unscrewing molds and numerous other process capabilities has proven to be advantageous for our customers in the medical device industry as well as other industries that require difficult to manufacture products.


Our Promise

We believe in sharing these operating principles with everyone who works with us, from customers to employees and suppliers:

Respect and protect the proprietary nature of technology.

  • Confidentiality is critical and our future is based on integrity

  • Controlling access to confidential information and facilities

  • Building customer relationships in a selective fashion

Building transparent relationships with customers and partners.

  • One team with measurable goals and capabilities

  • Experienced cross functional team environment

  • Production and quality mirror clients practices

Controlled expansion of in house capabilities.

  • Value Added design and engineering

  • ISO Class VI (1,000) Clean Room

  • ISO Class VII, VIII Press Side Mobile Clean Room as required

  • General "White Room" Molding that consistently measures to ISO Class VIII standards

  • Commitment to being the highest quality supplier

  • ISO and Vendor Compliance

  • Material and process traceability

  • 13485 Certified

  • cGMP Facility