Plas-Tech Engineering specializes in close tolerance molds and working with various commodity and engineering grade materials.  Plas-Tech Engineering maintains full design control over all of its tooling to insure optimized performance with our inventory of electric molding presses.

Our new tool room was installed in 2014 and we are self-sufficient for mold design and manufacturing.  This state of the art tool room offers 24hr machining for lights-out efficiency and quick turn-around times for SPI/SPE class 104-101 molds. 

WE DO NOT OFFSHORE ANY MOLD BUILDS TO ASIA, MEXICO or any other low cost, low quality location.  The quality of your molded part starts with the quality of your mold.  It's especially that critical for medical devices and parenteral devices where patient safety is the top priority.


  • Multi-Shot, Two Shot, Multi-Colored, Multi-Component Molds
  • Rotating Platen Tooling
  • Overmold Tooling
  • Micro-Mold Tooling
  • Hot Runner Tooling
  • In-Mold Labeling & In-Mold Decoration (IML / IMD)
  • Stack Molds
  • Die Slide Injection
  • Glass Alternative or Replacement Molds
  • Insert Mold Tooling
  • Multi-Cavity Collapsible Core & Expandable Core Molds
  • Multi-Cavity Unscrewing Molds
  • Tooling Amortization Programs
  • Unit and insert stacks in Plas-Tech molds



We invite you to call for a discussion of which technique is most-appropriate for your application.

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